Your Favorite Source of Destination planner is here is a web based easy to use, pocket friendly & feature reach Travel Agency Software. It helps Tour Operators in promoting their travel products, increase sales, organise day to day operations and reduce admin cost.

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Impressive Itineraries & Travel Package Quotes

Akkcrusierb2b's meticulously designed features maximize your potential and lets you easily manage your travel business. One of a kind Travel Software that accelerate your sales, improve team performance, automate your process and keeps you on track with key reports.

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Awesome Features That Set Yourself Apart.

Accessible Anytime From Anywhere is a web-based online travel management software. It's available 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world. You just required internet connectivity.

Simplified Itinerary Creation Process

It's child play when it comes to creating a tour itinerary in Akkcrusierb2b. You can simply copy paste your day-wise itinerary details or you can use advanced tools to create a more detailed itinerary.

Well Formatted Designer Itinerary

With Akkcrusierb2b you can generate beautiful and impressive travel itineraries and quotes in minutes with all required details.

Multiple Hotel Options In One Location

Want to suggest more than 1 Hotel option at one or more location in your itinerary? You can do that with Akkcrusierb2b Itinerary planner. Simply select location and its hotel and Akkcrusierb2b will include them in your itinerary.

Printable PDF, Web & Mobile Friendly Travel Itineraries

Our Advanced Itinerary Planner generates itineraries that look awesome when printed on paper. Also Akkcrusierb2b automatically create a unique web page for each itinerary which looks perfect in desktop computers, laptops or mobile devices.

Your Branding (Logo, Business Name & Contact Details)

Akkcrusierb2b use only your logo, travel agency name and your contact details in travel plans or itinerary that you prepare and send to customer. Even it uses your authenticated email id only to send emails to your customers. It’s all about you!

Unlimited Itineraries & Unlimited Revisions

You can create as many itineraries as you want and you can revise them as and when you get new updates from customer. No restrictions at all.

Customised (FIT) & Group Tour Itineraries

You can create both customised and group tour itineraries with multiple departure dates. You can add multiple customers or prospects in any group itineraries for any departure dates.

Lots of Hotels, Activities & Sightseeing Database

We have put together database of lots of hotels, sightseeing and activities in our itinerary planner. We have even gone further, when you add any sightseeing or point of interest or destination in itinerary

End To End Travel Management Software

It starts from the initial inquiry and stays with you till you successfully confirm and complete any travel sales and collect feedback. You can manage all your process at one place and stay up to the mark.

Complete Lead History

Akkcrusierb2b lead history feature helps you track all your staff activity in any given lead eg. how many itineraries sent, how many revisions made, what all notes or documents uploaded. List is endless. All this in perfect date wise order as and when it happened.

Multiple User Options

Got bigger team in your Travel Business? You can add as many users as you want under your main subscription. You can assign them specific leads or you can add multiple users in one big important leads and track their performance.

All Your Customer Documents At One Place

With Akkcrusierb2b you can manage all your customer's details at one place within specific lead. No more jumble up for finding copy of important documents.

Automated Weekly Report

Akkcrusierb2b will automatically generate your staff and overall performance as well as payment collection weekly.

Your Own Customer Database

With Akkcrusierb2b you don’t have to manage multiple spreadsheet or any other document. You can get all your customer details at one place and use them in various marketing or promotion purpose.

Still have a query?

Looking for some extra help or don't see your doubts cleared or just wanted to say hello!. We'd love to answer your all queries and will be happy to show you how our Travel Software can make your life easy in your day to day travel business operation. Just fill out contact form and we will soon get in touch with you. Alternatively you can call, email or WhatsApp us. We look forward to speak with you.